【Closing of subscription】
Feb.9(Fri.)~ Mar.4(Mon.)

Job category Ninja
Objective To promote the tourism of Aichi prefecture
Contents of duties
  • Ninja show performance(mainly at Nagoya castle and in various events all over Japan and in overseas)
  • Operating “Become a Ninja” experience (rental ninja costume, shuriken, etc.)
  • Omotenashi (hand out leaflets, taking photos with the guests, guide of tourism of Aichi)
  • Aichi publicity activities through the media (TV/radio/newspaper/magazine etc.)
  • Participation in various events to attract customers, for promotion
Employment status 1-year contract employee (Except for those who belongs to talent agencies)
Contract period Apr.1, 2024~Mar.31, 2025 * Apr.1〜Apr 30/Trial period
Duty station (Office) Marunouchi, Naka-ku, Nagoya City
Qualification requirement
  • Over 18 years old
  • Residents living in places where they can commute to the office (within about one hour is preferable)
  • Any nationality welcome
    * For foreigners : You shall satisfy the following conditions.
    1. Japanese language skill (Daily conversation level)
    2. Those who can secure at least one guarantor (An adult who runs an independent living other than parental authority).
    3. A guarantor residing in Japan also should communicate in Japanese.
    4. Dwellings are secured by yourselves or guarantor.
    5. Those who should have obtained a valid entertainment visa issued by Japan when you will enter Sankosha Co., Ltd. , or those who can apply for visa after preliminary offer of hiring.
Salary JPY200,000~ (Fixed salary JPY200,000 + percentage pay = paid according to the number of working days, which includes overwork allowance)
Transportation expenses Paid (your house in Japan~the office) * 6 months commuter ticket
Day-off At least a day per week (basically work on weekends)  * Annual paid leave available
Insurance The Japanese labor and social insurance, accident insurance coverage
Insurance The Japanese labor and social insurance, accident insurance coverage
Our ideal candidate as a ninja Acrobatic skills or special skills of martial arts, stunts are preferable. Those who wants to communicate with a lot of people utilizing their own performances. Those who are friendly and popular among the children, likes Japanese culture, interested in ninja.
The way of application

Please mail your CV (photo required, nationality, career, skills, reason for application) .
The application must reach us no later than March 4 (Japan Time).
* For foreigners : Please attach a copy of your residence card.

Address :
Sankosha Co., Ltd.
〒460-0002 3-20-9, Marunouchi, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi

* If it’s difficult to mail, you can send it via e-mail.
E-mail: recruit@aichi-ninja.rdy.jp

The process of recruitment
  1. The first screening is documentary examination. We’ll let you know the result to only those who passed the screening process by Mar.6(Japan time).
  2. The final screening is an interview and demonstration of your special skill. The audition will be held on Mar.11 in Nagoya city.
    We’ll let you know the result to only those who passed the screening process.

* Travel expenses (Only Shinkansen / Nagoya-Tokyo or Nagoya-ShinOsaka non-reserved sheet) is covered. The receipt is required. No airfare was provided.

  • If you will pass the final audition and be adopted as a member of Ninja group, you will become an employee of Sankosha (Except for those who belongs to talent agencies). You need to agree with our labor regulations and our company’s rules.
  • Second business (side business) and appearance on other company’s performance are not allowed during the contract period.
  • When you will join our company, you will need to submit the following documents.
    1. A copy of certificate of residence (including family members living together)
    2. Graduation certificate of educational background
    3. Pension book and employment insurance card
      * If you don’t have it, you don’t need to submit.
    4. Withholding tax statement
      * If you have a previous job.
    5. Your and your dependents' individual number (my number in Japan, tax number etc.) and other documents should be submitted according to company regulations.