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Hattori Hanzo and the Ninjas

The year is 1582, the warlord Nobunaga has just been betrayed by his vassal Akechi Mitsuhide. Akechi's new target: Lord Tokugawa Ieyasu. In order to evade capture, Lord Ieyasu commissioned Hattori Hanzo with the mission to protect his entourage through the dangerous Iga Mountains. With the help of Hattori Hanzo and his team of Ninjas, Lord Ieyasu was able to safely traverse the Iga mountains and return home to Okazaki Castle. Impressed with the success, methods, and strategies of Hattori Hanzo and his ninjas, Lord Ieyasu created a clan of Ninja in Owari country (present day Nagoya City). Join us today as we bring the legend back to life with Hattori Hanzo and the Ninjas!!!

  • TOKUGAWA IEYASU 徳川家康(とくがわいえやす)
  • HATTORI HANZO 服部半蔵(はっとりはんぞう)
  • SANPEI 三平(さんぺい)
  • RIN 凛(りん)
  • 破天の猿伎丸 Enkimaru(えんきまる)
  • 夕凪の善 Zen(ぜん)
  • 韋駄天の草二 Souji(そうじ)
  • いたわりの柊 Hiiragi(ひいらぎ)